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If someone in your life has trouble sleeping and the issue is not going away, it is important to know that it could be caused by sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that you should not have to deal with. Read on to find out more.

If a person is severely overweight, they are much more likely to develop sleep apnea. In these cases, simply losing the extra weight can alleviate the symptoms. There should be a weight loss plan in place that restricts calories. Exercising should be a part of this plan as well. Cutting out white carbs such as white rice, pasta and sugar is one step that many people use to lose weight.

If your sleep apnea is the result of having narrow breathing passages, a mouth guard can help you out. These devices are designed to correct your airways and allow you to breathe properly during the night. Speak with your doctor concerning mouth guards, and have yourself fitted for one, provided your doctor agrees.

If you want to ease your sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you speak with your physician regarding CPAP machines and which is best for you. The noise level of a CPAP machine and its overall size are both points to take into consideration. There are some very small and quiet machines available. Your physician will be able to guide you to good CPAP manufacturers.

Do you have a smoking or drinking habit? Lose all your bad habits. Smoking irritates your air passages, making them narrow. Alcohol can relax airways while smoking can cause them to swell, both of which can cause you to have sleep apnea. If you do not want to quit, just do not do it before laying down to sleep.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax. Although you may think this improves your sleep, it actually just worsens it. Because alcohol relaxes your throat muscles, your airway is harder to control. If eliminating it is not an option, cut back and make sure you do it well before bedtime.

If you have no one with you while you sleep, it would be hard to tell if sleep apnea is your problem. One way to see for yourself is to train a camcorder on yourself as you sleep. Make sure any video you make includes an audio stream, since certain noises are clues that you may suffer from sleep apnea.

You should use only one normal-sized pillow each night to sleep on. Using more than one pillow, or one that is too large, can make you sleep in an odd position. Pillows that lift your head can cramp the airways that you need to be open to be able to breathe properly as you sleep. Because of this you should only use one pillow for easier sleeping.

There was a good amount of useful advice to keep in mind from this article. If you think sleep anea is something that can be ignored, that could not be further from the truth. This information can be shared with others to educate them about sleep apnea.

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